The MFAS – Muslim Funeral Aid Services of GICC (Guildford Islamic Cultural Center) is a non-profit organization and was founded to help the Sunni-Muslim community at large in British Columbia with the financial funding of the funeral which is rising exponentially. Existing Muslim graveyards are becoming full and we are in need for more space.

The two founders namely Br. Zafar Huda and Br. Sikander Talat Beg established MFAS to collectively help the community through a membership system and covering for lifetime the full cost of the funeral that may occur after death. After the demise of Sikander Talat Beg’s late father Talat Irfan Beg (may Allah the Almighty accept him as a Shaheed and allow him to enter the highest place in Jannatul Firdos Al Ahlah, Ameen) who passed away due to complication with Covid-19 in Dec 2020, a great need was realized and felt to build a system that will help the community emotionally and financially with these difficult times.

We believe we are stronger together. With the funeral prices’ going up MFAS believes there is a great need in the Muslim community to come together and be part of this program. We are not looking for your donations but providing awareness to help yourself first, your families and all the Muslims by becoming a member and being a part of this great cause for the sake of Allah. This program is solely based on non-paid volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to make MFAS successful. May Allah reward all of them and make it a means of Sadaqa-e-Jaria for all the supporters, volunteers, their families and all the members involved in this great cause.

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Jazak Allah o Khairan